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One-stop-shopping for ISP’s and solution providers!

With Providerbox, we offer a unified web-based administration platform for both aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a sound foundation for their own hosting business as well as for channel partners looking for an attractive and competitive addition to their portfolio.

Anyone can utilize Providerbox for their head start into the hosting business - without the demanding need of a financial invest. Providerbox brings a broad spectrum of products to the table with no base fees whatsoever, billing you just for the services you actively chose. Selected products even come with a free test period. We offer the full range of hosting products: virtual private servers, domains, hosted Exchange 2010 mailboxes with optional hosted SharePoint 2010, online backup, spam protection and monitoring.

Using Providerbox is a snap: after receiving your login credentials, you can go and completely change the layout to you heart’s desire, insert your own logo, use a unique subdomain or even your own domain, assign your own name to the portal and customize each and every mailing template, effectively giving you the means to brand the complete experience according to your corporate identity.

Then all you need to do is to attach your own prices and, if you so wish, set your own product names and descriptions - and you are done with the basis for your own hosting business. Everything is done in a simple to use interface. You don’t have to have any programming skills or be experienced in graphics or design.

You are ready to go: just create logins for your customers, be it sub-resellers oder end users, Providerbox gives you the option of either sales model. Your customers use the products provided by Providerbox, you cash in your margins, spending just minimal effort. All our products come with very short-termed contract periods, our virtual private servers are even billed by the minute and can be cancelled at any time, eliminating even your risk of financial loss in case of your customers abandoning their payments. All products are easily started and managed with just a few simple clicks - even without an expert’s IT knowledge.

In the background, we care for the underlying hardware, the network infrastructure and the management of the data warehouse, ensuring your customers' satisfaction. In addition, we continually enhance our products and Providerbox, giving you an edge over your competition.



Our resellers system is nominated for the Innovation Award & HOSTING SERVICE PROVIDER Award 2012th. This shows us that we offer a great service with high potential and innovation. The continuous development for many years is very well accepted by our customers.

The product portfolio

Virtual private Servers

Administration of Windows and Linux private servers on the basis of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers.

Online Backup

Innovative backup solution, administration with a few quick clicks.

Dedicated servers & monitoring

Management and monitoring with traffic reports at a glance.

DNS module

Easy administration of DNS zones with extensive templates.

Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint

Comprehensive administration of Exchange mailboxes, plus the added power of SharePoint.


Professional management of even extensive domain portfolios with an intuitive interface.

Spam protection and anti-virus

Spam Control delivers an effective spam filter and anti-virus solution for business demands.

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