• dogado’s Jelastic Cloud - automatische Skalierung, hochverfügbar, Pay-per-Use.

    Private Cloud for Enterprises

    Deliver a private or hybrid enterprise cloud that drives down costs and increases agility.

    Provide your developers with an enterprise-class private PaaS that enables rapid application development and deployment, without coding to proprietary APIs.

Managed Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an on demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within a public cloud environment, providing a certain level of isolation between the different organizations using the resources.

Managed Virtual Private Cloud (MVPC)

Small, medium or large enterprises may choose to have the Private Cloud provider manage the entire stack (VPC model). Others may prefer a Managed Virtual Private Cloud, to split management and keep a portion of the work internal to their organization.

Hardware cost

  • Jelastic license – 100 EUR per server/month*
  • Support 5×8 – 50 EUR per server/month*
  • Support 7×24 – 100 EUR per server/month*
  • Maintenance by dogado
  • Installation by dogado


Jelastic delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure, the integration of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service, delivering a scalable, manageable and a highly available cloud. Deploy private cloud/enterprise PaaS that is scalable, available and flexible in days, not months. Accelerate innovation with a virtualized solution that is one-fifth the cost of VMware.

The Turnkey Cloud – For cloud administrators and DevOps

Jelastic delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure as a complete stack allowing deployment of a working cloud solution in hours, not months. You provide a cluster of “bare-metal” servers, and we’ll deliver everything you need to deploy scalable, highly-available business applications in your cloud.

Simplified Management – For cloud administrators and DevOps

The Jelastic Dashboard creates and manages the application environment including application servers, load balancers and clustering availability.

  • Keeps server configurations up to date and consistent across the environment
  • Defines parameters for auto-scaling applications
  • Support 7×24 – 100 EUR per server/month*
  • Provides orchestration for application deployment, patches, updates and roll-backs
  • Jelastic provides a single point of self-management for developers and DevOps using our Developer Dashboard.