Some time ago we had a chat with Tatyana Zhak, a web developer from Sugar Games. Sugar Games is famous for its fun social network games development. Their project “My Perfect Wedding” (a social network dress up game) migrated to Jelastic a few months ago. It is very popular in such Russian social networks as Odnoklassniki, MailRu and Vk. This game has more than 3 million installations and more than 40K DAU (daily active users). Tatyana has kindly shared the reasons behind and the outcomes of their hosting changes.

Here’s a short summary

[…] Server structure creation took about 10-15 minutes.  […]  Also I want to mention that we didn’t change the application code or install any software like we had to do for Amazon.

[…] few weeks ago we contacted our hoster dogado in order to increase the maximum limit for MySQL because 64 cloudlets were not enough for us. They immediately  […] increased the limits to 256 cloudlets […] After that we didn’t have any overloads.

[…] We are more than just satisfied with Jelastic:) If any issues occur, your support team responds very quickly.

[…] Our hosting expenses were reduced 50% compared with the costs at Amazon.

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