What does make Eclipse a highly successful platform with a lot of free IDEs out there? First of all it’s user-friendly interface, intuitive to learn and use. Secondly, this platform allows anyone to build tools that integrate seamlessly with the environment and other tools. Working within the Eclipse IDE you can pick and choose the features you want to use from the wide open-source world of plug-in options. Also Eclipse has some of the best tooling available for JEE projects. Eclipce is more than a Java IDE, it serves a wide variety of purposes – from Java, AOP, web, to C/C++ development. Thanks to all the benefits above and other advantages Eclipse has tons of fans all over the world.

We also really love this great application platform! That’s why we have created a plug-in for Eclipse. A special plug-in makes development of Java EE web applications on the Jelastic platform much more convenient, since the developer can now log in to Jelastic and deploy the app in the cloud right from Eclipse.

Let’s consider now how to install the plugin and manage Jelastic environments through Eclipse.

Quelle: http://blog.jelastic.com/2012/11/13/jelastic-integration-with-eclipse/

Die Installation des Plugins erklären wir ausführlich in unserem Jelastic Blog