Wir bringen die JAVA-Champions nach Europa

Nachdem die letzte Tour durch Brasilien zum 20. Java-Geburtstag ein voller Erfolg gewesen ist unterstützen wir in diesem Jahr die Java Europa Tour. Wir bringen euch einige zahlreiche Java-Größen aus der ganzen Welt und freuen uns auf interessante Vorträge und Gespräche in entspannter Umgebung.

Wir starten unsere Tour in Berlin, halten in vielen weiteren deutschen Städten (Dortmund Karlsruhe, Frankfurt und München) bevor es in die Schweiz geht und  planen ein großes Abschluss-Event in Malaga am Strand.


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10. Mai

JPC PC Meeting – Berlin-JUG & Zalando Community

12. Mai

Night Event – Nighthacking JUG – tyntec GmbH

13. Mai


14. Mai


15. Mai


16. Mai


17. Mai

Airbus Defence Space

18. Mai

18h, Eppleton IT Consulting, Bergmannstr. 52

20.-21. Mai

Jon The Beach
La Termica



Bruno Souza ist leidenschaftlicher Java Entwickler und Open Source Evangelist von Summa Technologies, sowie Cloud Experte bei ToolsCloud. Als Gründer der weiltweit verbreiteten Java User Group Community, veranstaltet er regelmäßig Treffen in allen Ländern der Welt.


Edson Yanaga ist Director of Developer Experience bei Red Hat. Er ist nominiert als Java Champion und ist ausgezeichneter Microsoft MVP Experte.


Otávio Santana ist Developer und Enthusiast des Open Source. Er ist Vorsitzender der JUG JavaBahia und SouJava, sowie ein großer Verfechter der Java Community in Brasilien, wo er zudem die BrasilJUGs Initiative leitet.


Ruslan ist CEO und Co-Founder von Jelastic, die Platform as a service (PaaS) Cloud-Umgebung für Docker Container, Java-, PHP-, Node.js– und RUBY-Applikationen sowie für virtuelle Server.


150 € Startguthaben für unsere Jelastic-Plattform


Big Data and NoSQL with CDI and Cassandra

This talk will show how we can combine some of the top open source technologies to create a powerful, scalable architecture. Using Elasticsearch and Cassandra NoSQL database for fast, high available service; JavaEE and CDI for easy of development; we will show how your BigData application can benefit from those cloud-ready projects.

First step with the money api, JSR 354

Monetary values are a key feature of many applications, but there is a good API about it yet. The JSR aims to address a wide range of general-purpose cases while being suitable for many domain cases; it provides formatting, foreign exchange, rounding, arithmetic, and strong typing. This session describes the motivation, use cases, and implementation of the API.

Making the shape of CDI 2.0:

Contexts and Dependency Injection 2.0 (JSR-365) is an update to Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.2. Starting with version 2.0 CDI targets Java SE and Java EE platforms. CDI in java SE and CDI in a Java EE container share the features defined in core CDI. This section describes the new features and how you can help in this JSR.

Containers and DevOps: full delivery cycle for Java applications:

Getting our code in the hands of users, solving real life problems and improving the world one line of code at a time. This is the goal of developers everywhere. But for this to happen, we need to focus on actually delivering our software. Containers and DevOps are a game changer in improving software delivery. This talk will show how Java developers can tap the power of containers to create powerful, scalable, multi-cloud solutions, that actually get delivered and get to solve the real hard problems of the world.

A Developer’s Journey From Monoliths to Microservices

Microservices are the current “big thing” and most of the current technologies seems to be a fit for greenfield projects. Unfortunately the great majority of the developers can’t build something from scratch – but that shouldn’t prevent them to touch the world of microservices while dealing with their legacy monolith. Come to this session to check how we are refactoring a Java EE monolith to a Microservices Architecture: our work done and the planned steps. We’ll discuss the architectural decisions, requirements and implications. And of course we’ve plenty of code and deployments in a DevOps-enabled platform!

Multi-cloud scalability: NoSQL with Cassandra, JavaEE, CDI and Containers

This talk will show how we can combine some of the top open source technologies to create a powerful, scalable, multi-cloud solution for your application. Using Elasticsearch and Cassandra NoSQL database for fast, high available service; JavaEE and CDI for easy of development; and Docker containers for multi-cloud deployment, we will show how to create an architecture for the future of cloud computing.

Containers Live Migration for Enterprise Java Applications in a DevOps PaaS:

To make applications more portable without the heavy redesign during migration remains to be one of the main DevOps goals. In some cases, the unaffordable complexity during migration requires a significant redesign of existing legacy applications. After migration, engineers will be able to improve the architecture of the legacy applications by decomposing monolithic architecture to multiple containers or even to microservices. In the future that will allow to easily redesign stateful applications to stateless by moving state to another layer or keep it as is and benefit from containers portability, live migration, vertical scaling elasticity, density and other features. Come to this session to see live migration across several clouds in action with no downtime or data loss.

Java and Memory Limits in Containers: LXC, Docker and OpenVZ

At this session, we’ll discuss the hidden issues with memory limits that people can face during a container exercise. As RAM limits are not correctly displayed inside a container, a Java application sees the total amount of RAM resources allocated to the whole host machine, and JVM cannot indicate how much resources were provided to the parent container it’s running in. In some cases, this leads to OutOfMemoryError due to incorrect JVM heap behaviour in a container. We will talk about the reasons of this problem and current solutions from OpenVZ, LXC, runC and Jelastic.