Tonight, as part of our continued work to provide you with an even better Jelastic experience, we have deployed new enhancements to Jelastic!

These exciting new features are:

  • Elastic Cloud Server (VDS) with full root access
  • Ability to create environments without the need for a computer node – e.g. for database layer only
  • Memcached support
  • 1-Click cloning of Cloud Server and Environments
  • New Environment Builder UX modification (Simple/Expert modes)

In addition, we have updated all application and component templates with newer versions:

  • MySQL template updated to 5.5.24
  • Maria template updated to 5.5.24
  • MongoDB template updated to 1.1.2
  • Jetty template updated to 6.1.26
  • CouchDB template updated to 1.2.0
  • Postgre template updated to 8.4.12
  • Nginx template updated to 1.2.0

For those curious now to try out Jelastic for the first time, we support you with an interactive How-to. It is available directly from the Jelastic Dashboard!