It was about 11:45 PM, Friday 25th of August, when Timo just called me totally exited about some email conversation with the guys from Jelastic.

“You wanna meet Michael „Monty“ Widenius, the father of MySQL and MariaDB?!”, he said.

Guess what i said… “Are you kidding me?! I totally have to meet Monty!”

What a shame Timo wasn’t able to go too, as he had to go to a wedding. But at least this is a good reason for not catching up the chance to meet a “Rock star” like Monty in person.


And that’s how things went.

So i made my way to Bonn and as Murphy send out some ugly traffic jams on my way i just made it 20 minutes before Monty’s speech ended but still in time to listen to a piece of all the awesome features of MariaDB and some useful information to switch away from MySQL by just “dropping” in MariaDB within your infrastructure.


During his speech Monty recommended Jelastic hosted by dogado and Host Europe as a good and free way for some time period testing of MariaDB.

Best point: “You are able to setup a running MariaDB environment within minutes!”

Awesome isn’t it?!


After the speech we had a short talk about MariaDB, Clustering, Jelastic and stuff like that where he recommended the speech about the Galera Clustering. Well what a shame I wasn’t able to join this speech because it was a little late for me since I had plans for tonight.

At the end of our talk Monty and me took a picture of that fantastic moment!

Check it out! Surprised smile