We’re pleased to announce Jelastic Release 1.9 with some significant improvements to Jelastic Cloudlet pricing and tons of new Features!

New Cloudlets Pricing and Volume discounts with reserved and dynamic resources!

Now you can choose the reserved and autoscaling limits for applications and get the corresponding volume discounts in return. Save up to 55% by pre-booking cloudlets in advance. Save even more with Dynamic Cloudlets automatically discounted by as much as 35% as your usage grows. We are excited to announce that we have reduced Cloudlet prices from 0.0159 EUR to 0.01 EUR per hour!  Learn more about the new pricing.

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Easier access to application files with FTP/FTPS: The new version of the platform offers support for the FTP/FTPS protocol. This provides a fast, easy, and reliable way of file sharing and data transfer to and from servers in Jelastic environments.

Higher performance through file caching: We now support caching in NGINX (for both NGINX-balancer and NGINX PHP server). This improves performance by reducing the access time to the resource and increasing the resource building speed.

More enterprise-ready servers with built-in TomEE: Now available Apache TomEE, the enterprise edition of Apache Tomcat. TomEE is a full-blown app server, but retains the simplicity of Tomcat and avoids architectural overhead.

Server and Service Monitoring: Together with our partner ServerGuard24 we can offer you a complex and secure monitoring service. Furthermore we can offer you a content monitoring which is done by checking after a word or string displayed on your website. Get in touch with our Sales-Team to learn more.

More databases with MariaDB 10.0: MariaDB 10.0, the most advanced database in the SQL world! This database offers developers the advantages of multi-source replication, dynamic columns, and MariaDB Galera Cluster. It is even faster and more fault tolerant, and has more flexible database replication, than previous MariaDB versions.