jelastic_logoThe new version, 1.9.1 comes with tons of new features like CRON scheduler to schedule database backups, new email notifications about running out of resources and updated software stacks including a brand new PostgreSQL 9.2.4.


The newly launched Jelastic includes:

  • CRON job scheduler,
  • Scheduled database backups,
  • Ability to individually change configurations of application servers in cluster,
  • Email notifications on running out of resources (RAM, Disk, CPU),
  • NetBeans IDE Plugin,
  • Software stacks updated to the latest and greatest versions,
  • PostgreSQL 9.2.4 support,
  • PostGIS module for spatial data.

Like in the past you get access for each node configuration files and can choose to configure all the servers together or just a specific one.

Another new feature of Jelastic 1.9.1 is the notification about running out of resources. When a user’s traffic grows an application requests more resources for normal work. If the limits selected are too low, this can lead to the failure in the app performance. In these cases, we send you two types of notifications. At first a warning if you’re using 80% of your ressources and a critical message if the ressource consumption grows up to 90%!  This helps to proactively identify problems and to prevent them before your environment ressources are reach the limit.

Get the full Release notes for 1.9.1 here.


Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-21 um 22.12.05

Jelastic Dashboard with full scaled HA-Apache Web-Server and Loadbalancing Environment all over all 56GB RAM in 7 App Server