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Recently, we posted an article about James Gosling here on the blog (Where is the “Father of Java?”)!

It got a lot of attention because James hasn’t been in the news that much until just recently. His latest project has started to get a lot of attention and, of course, as soon as we started hearing the buzz around it, we were immediately interested and started following along and keeping track of what James was doing more actively.

As we were watching one of his latest talks, Robots and Water and Whales, Oh My!, we were blown away when he dropped the news that he is not only using Jelastic, but loves it! He did share it in his typical understated way, dropping it right in the middle of his talk about his current project.


“The Father of Java” Loves Jelastic

As far as we can tell, this is the first PaaS that Dr. Gosling has given his seal of approval. We reached out to him to confirm it, and sure enough, it turns out that he is a very happy Jelastic user and is very excited about what he can do with it and what he will be doing with it in the near future.

Though I know that in our community, most everyone knows who James Gosling is, there a lot of younger guys learning Java that have never heard of him, like my 13 year-old brother, Daniel, who is quite an avid Java coder. So, who is James Gosling?

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