Frequently, Jelastic is compared with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and both clouds have a lot in common. Jelastic and Amazon EC2 are designed to make cloud computing easier. Both web interfaces decrease the number of possible issues while creating or managing cloud environments. You have a large variety of software stacks and management options for your cloud environments. As a result, sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choice.

On  Tetiana Fydorenchyk from Jelastic wrote in the Jelastic Blog about one very significant difference between Jelastic and Amazon EC2 – the pricing system.

The differences in pricing

The main idea of Amazon EC2 pricing, is that you use a predefined amount of resources within the instances you add. Even if your application consumes less resources than included in one Amazon instance, you still have to pay for the entire amount. Moreover, if you want to just resize your current instance, without data migration you should use EBS which costs significantly more than non-EBS AMIs.



Pay as you go with Jelastic

On the opposite end of the scale, Jelastic provides very granular resources allocation. You can change the size of instances without data migration and extra configurations. Moreover, with Jelastic automatic vertical scaling, all unused resources are not charged at all.

Besides that, you get a versatile billing model, allowing you to choose between usage based pricing, fixed pricing, or a combination of both options (Hybrid Pricing). Subsequently, you pay only for the actual resource consumption.

Jelastic also provides automatic volume discounts, so as you use more resources, your pricing automatically decreases. Jelastic’s pricing is flexible, dynamic and automatically selects the correct volume discount as you use more resources. Jelastic ALWAYS provides the lowest pricing model for your application load – automatically.