This step-by-step instruction shows how dogado users can convert their trial accounts to the billing ones.

If you choose to begin paying for your Jelastic environments, all restrictions on resource usage will be eliminated or reduced greatly. You’ll be able to scale your Jelastic environment to the fullest extent possible, and really put all of Jelastic’s cloud capabilities to work.

Go to and log in with your Jelastic credentials. Click Upgrade trial account at the dashboard.


Step 1: Welcome to our order system


Step 2: Verify your Jelastic Account


Step 3: Of course we need personal data


Step 4: Choosing Payment method (Paypal, Debit, Credit card).


Step 5: Check your order data, fill in Additional information if necessary, confirm Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click Continue


Step 6: Welcome to dogado 🙂 Your order is closed off! We send you some e-mails: the first with your order information, the second with the link and credentials for using Providerbox and the third will be welcome email from Jelastic with credentials and some more details.


Step 7: But your account is not charged yet! We redirect you now to the payment provider of your choice (Credit Card or PayPal) for payment and account activation!


Step 8: Welcome to our family 🙂

Go back to Jelastic dashboard and refresh the page. Now you have billing account.