Here at dogado, we do live exciting times.

No, we still haven’t decided on adopting Valve’s rock block policy at our facilities (maybe it’s because that to us, the Scorpions are not some exotic alien novelty from far, far away – for everything else, see the Half-Life-company’s New Employees Handbook, in the glossary).

It’s more a sudden realisation that indeed we all here at dogado HQ have been getting used to using English as our dear other working language these the last couple of months.

While naturally we are no strangers to doing things the anglo-way: Our customers are from all sorts of parts of the world (though, the majority of our customer base comes from lovely Germany, Austria and Switzerland). So frankly the occasional phone call with overseas was quite the excitement.

Now, at most days you will find the boss and our project team having a phone conference with our new friends at Jelastic and overhear them cracking jokes first and then discussing the final steps before going live with our new best of breed Java infrastructure-as-a-Service platform later. Nowadays, reading, listening to, writing, talking and doing business in English is almost usual affairs for our team.

Judging from Jelastic’s beta user demographic, that adventure isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Even at the most conservative of estimated conversion rates, we do look forward to welcoming quite some more international users for our services built in Dortmund (Yes! Consecutively!!).

If you haven’t done so already, please register at and stay in the loop of all things Rock-solid Java in the Cloud! For every your heart’s question on our germany-hosted Jelastic cloud service, our developers and technicians, our dedicated technical support staff and our friendly sales guys, give us a call or e-mail us at

But beware: with the days getting warmer and summer coming up, chances are that we will probably brag about that charming ice cream parlor around the corner (possibly one of the real reasons we decided upon when finding our current camp).

We run on Leibniz butter cookie ice cream. We cannot be stopped.